The Pokémon Company is working on a new Pokémon mobile game with DeNA


There are only three things that are certain in life, death, taxes and new Pokémon games. The massive success of the long-running franchise all but secures a constant stream of spin-offs making their way to consoles near you as and when they feel like it. However, it's been awhile since a new mobile game came to our screens after the amazing success of Pokémon Go. However, that massive success may be precisely why we haven't seen a new game for a while now but all of that may be about to change.

At an investors meeting over in Japan yesterday, the mobile games company DeNA announced that they are going to begin working with the The Pokémon Company to work on a new mobile-based Pokémon game! However, that's literally we know at this point as the that was all that was said. At the very least, we know that at some point in the future a new game based on your favorite pocket monsters will be popping up onto your devices as development has already started. The announcement was posted by Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki.