The Planet Crafter: Ore Extractor Locations


The Planet Crafter is the game that everyone who has ever wanted to visit Mars may now play. You're sent to a deserted planet, and your mission is to terraform it into a livable paradise. To accomplish so, you'll need a lot of resources to create the technology that would facilitate the terraforming process. Planet Crafter's Ore Extractor is one of the ways to gather terraforming resources. There are several biomes and regions with various resources scattered around the playable landscape. This article will teach you all you need to know about the Planet Crafter Ore Extractor Locations, so you can start building your own martian paradise.

The Planet Crafter Ore Extractor Locations​

You may extract six distinct Planet Crafter Ores in total (at the moment). To start mining, you simply need a T1 Extractor for the most part. Uranium, Super Alloy, and Osmium, on the other hand, require T2 Extractors to function. When hunting for Ore Extractors in the following places, keep this in mind:

Also, drills and ore extractors do not just gather up the resource in the region. There is usually a lot of ore that can be drilled, so go back to it frequently and sort out the drill's inventory.


Aluminium is one of the few resources that does not necessitate the fulfilment of unusual requirements. You must construct an ore extractor near enormous grey boulders in order to begin harvesting the material as quickly as feasible. You could discover a lot of iron, as well as other random pebbles on the floor. This biome may be found on the west side of the sand fall cave, identified by gigantic boulders protruding from the arid fields.


The element sulphur is responsible for the odd odours. So it's only natural that the ore should be found in a gas-filled habitat. You should be able to dependably produce sulphur from an extractor built anywhere in the gas biome. The Sulpher site is usually in the vicinity of the sand pouring cave. The gas biome may be found at 752:65.


Iridium is hidden inside an orange sandy cave beneath a mountain with sand cascading from it. Note that this region of the map connects to a variety of biomes, like the sulpher, super alloy, and others, so you'll probably want to build up a base here.


Osmium can only be found in extremely specialised places, such as Osmidium caves. Their blue light in some spots, as well as the blue quartz that may be seen hanging from cave walls and roofs, help to identify them. In the sulphur biome, at 752:65, there is a gigantic Osmium cave, which is located adjacent to the ice cave. There's also one in a cave on top of the hill above the beginning shuttle, immediately over the destroyed ship. However, because it is packed with ice and must achieve a specific temperature before being accessed, the first option is the most trustworthy.


Because of its unique position, uranium is another difficult mineral to locate. You must go to the grassy region with multiple spiralling rocks towards the sky. After then, follow a path that should bring you to the coordinates 580:35:-655. The ore may be found within.

Super Alloy​

The Super Alloy ore extractor is located near the Iridium sand fall cave at a specified place. It's simpler to tackle this one with coordinates, such as 1065:65:1700. Your coordinates may be found in the lower left corner of the game screen. This Planet Crafter ore should be in a cave near a mountain valley with direct access to the gas biome.

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