The Planet Crafter: How to Get Fabric


Personal expression is required in The Planet Crafter, as it is in all comfortable survival crafting games. While the game offers a restricted number of options, there are still some interesting structures to install to liven up your property. However, there is one common element that you will require: cloth. In Planet Crafter, here's how to obtain cloth.

How to Get Fabric in The Planet Crafter​

There is currently just one dependable way to obtain fabric in Planet Crafter, and that is to seek it out. Blue boxes will come into touch with you as you explore the planet's surface. The numerous levels of ores and metals, as well as modifications and upgrades, are all contained in these blue boxes. Fabric, which is the materials you need to create religious furniture in your base, such as beds and chair pieces, may be found in various boxes.

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You can obtain a lot of fabric from the crashed spacecraft at the top of the hill from the beginning shuttle in the early stages of the game. Head through the hull and you'll find about four pieces of fabric, enough to make a bed if you wanted one.

Also, when you use the dismantle chip to disassemble anything in the game, you get 100% of the resources spent on the item back. So, if you decide you no longer desire a decorative piece, you may return your used textiles. Use this when you want to redecorate or move something around in your domain. It's also possible to demolish furnishings you come across when exploring download vessels or stations to obtain fabric.

There are no other options for getting fabric in Planet Crafter. Because the game is still under early access, more modes may be introduced in the future. Perhaps the food grower could obtain cottonseed, which would aid in the game's fabric creation?

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