The Planet Crafter: Golden Chests Locations


The Planet Crafter has you scavenging for resources to transform this fiery planet into a tropical paradise. You'll come across chests carrying a variety of materials, rare artefacts, and microchips with plans as you go throughout the globe. While they are fantastic, you should keep an eye out for Golden Chests, which are much better. Even rarer and more precious goods can be found in these chests. The locations of the Planet Crafter Golden Chest are shown below.

The Planet Crafter Golden Chest Locations​

According to our estimates, there are about 11 distinct Golden Chests to be found. Some are simple and basic, providing gamers with rapid access to uncommon things. Some, on the other hand, are more difficult to get and need some platforming and exploring. We'll tell you the locations for the 11 golden boxes we know about, allowing you to hunt them down quickly if that's what you're looking for. Please note that these are not precise locations, but rather positions from which we were able to observe the box.

It's worth noting that several of these boxes are significantly simpler to obtain once you've upgraded your technology and are halfway through the terraforming process. To make ferrying the things considerably simpler, we recommend collecting the first five very early on when you have a tier 2 oxygen tank, backpack, and exoskeleton. After you've obtained those five, we recommend playing the game a little longer before travelling for more resources, as you'll need a lot of oxygen to get to some of these locations.

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The following are the coordinates to all Golden Chest locations:
  • 263:29:478 – Near the lake's starting zone, atop a curved ridge.
  • 276:169:1018 – On the sunken ship adjacent to the initial drop crap, which you can scale owing to a neighbouring sand dune.
  • 400:4:-276 – Visit the cracked spires biome, which can be seen from the wrecked ship near the sand fall cave. When you enter the location, look for the chest in between one of the shattered spire's walls.
  • 473:64:1567 – Inside a little cave with a dead end and a golden chest.
  • Inside the Iridium sand fall cave, at 831:41:1195. Climb to the next level, which is at the cave's rear, and peep through a crevice behind a few stones.
  • 922:95:-777 – Look for a circle rock formation with a hole in the centre on the ground. You can leap down into the hole and find a golden chest.
  • 937:24:324 – Where the lake develops, next to a rock. Once the terraforming of the lake begins, this becomes more obvious. If you can't find it, look for two brown ricks jutting out of the sand.
  • 1078:23:-16 – This golden Planet Crafter chest may be found adjacent to one of the biome's large aluminium boulders on the southern boundary.
  • 1508:9:665 – In a dead-end nook surrounding the labyrinth area of the map, near the wrecked satellite station. You should be able to see the station's golden box sticking out from the ground near one of the station's metal support beams.
  • When there are no unusual storms, 1749:0:1995 is easily seen. It's nestled between two big rocks that rise towards the sky, with a little nook on the rock behind one of them.
  • 2157:3:241 – Near the crashed fighter plane on the barren floor, look for a rock that arches over the sand. It's hidden beneath the rock in question.

What Loot Can I Expect From The Golden Chest?​

So, what can you anticipate from these golden chests in Planet Crafter in terms of loot? To be honest, the answer varies. Some boxes can provide you with excellent food resources, allowing you to create a wide range of goods to keep yourself alive. Meanwhile, you can get uncommon materials such as superalloy, which you will want for various high-tech improvements. This is especially useful if you don't have access to T2 materials like superalloy. Other goods include Rocket Boots, which enable the player create shoes with increased movement speed.

Furthermore, these boxes contain a wide range of seeds. This is fantastic, especially because if you can build a nice farm, you'll be able to survive while helping to make the planet habitable. You can also receive a golden seed, which boosts oxygen production by 500% and makes terraforming simpler. As you can see, finding all of the Planet Crafer Golden Chests is crucial to the game's success. Unfortunately, it does not look that you will be able to obtain fabric.

We also recommend removing the Golden Chests once you've finished plundering them. The reason for this is that you may obtain a super alloy from them, which is advantageous if you're still early in the game. You also receive one iron, but that's not that impressive, is it?

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