The Ogre King by zooperdan


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Dec 12, 2018

I decided to start on a small project which will last exactly one week. Everything is hand drawn on paper and scanned in, except the font (I will draw a font later if time allows it). I'm horrible and hand drawing but that kind of make it an art style of it's own :D

This video shows the status on day 4.

he Ogre King is a first person grid based dungeon crawler, inspired by old classics such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder etc.

The game contains 11 levels to explore, 15 different enemy types to fight, some quests and puzzles and plenty of secrets :)

Can you help free the Land of Garandiel from the terror of The Ogre King?

Note: The video is from day 4 and there's been many changes and improvements since.


Keyboard shortcuts:
  • 1,2,3 (or click on their icons) = Use item.
  • Space bar or Mouse button = Attack while in combat.
  • ESCAPE = Back to main menu
  • Move and turn using WASD+QE or Arrow keys + DEL/Page Down
  • S or Arrow Down = Flee from combat.
  • K = Display the types of keys you have.
The game only saves between levels so spend your potions and scrolls wisely.

After a level is completed you get the chance to spend your gold coins to buy supplies for the next level.
  • Potion of Health = Full health.
  • Scroll of Strength = Temporary bonus to Strength (damage) which lasts 30 ticks. (Click on the Strength icon to see duration)
  • Scroll of Protection = Temporary bonus to Protection (armor) which lasts 30 ticks. (Click on the Protection icon to see duration)
Note: A tick is whenever you move or when your combat round ends.

Hint: There are a lot of secrets. Discovering those will give you extra supplies and gold which comes in handy as you progress.


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