The live action cast of the original 1996 Resident Evil...

Broken Shotgun

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Jun 15, 2019
Look at what they're up to today, RE fans.

They're coming to get you, Barbara. 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

Oh? Wait. Wrong zombies thing! ;)

Cheesy dialogue abounds. Chris yelling: "NO. Don't go!"
Didn't the RE3 remake have real people in the opening as well?

It resembled stock footage. You know? It still looked CG.
Yep. That was the golden age of survival horror. These days, I wonder if it's worthwhile to cast it up.

I recently declared that I wouldn't begin any more Resident Evil threads online, as well, you probably noticed that forums today are not that active any longer. I've found that the only truly active forums are NeoGAF and GameFAQs, and the latter is full of radge pots that think they know it all. Yes, you do get them.

Even ones like IGN have just died off. Others are active and serve their purpose well when you cover what the forum is actually focused on, but I don't think the members are generally big fans of the Resident Evil franchise, like I obviously appear to be from sifting through my numerous tangents. But hey, at least I can admit to being a bit of a ranty aunty. :p

For that reason, it feels like you're just "talking to yourself" all of the time. And I must say, I covered all there was to really cover on Capcom and their shoddy tactics anyway. I've already explained numerous times that they altered the IP into something different several times, to remain relevant. However, I don't think my rambling style did me any good turns, as they couldn't even properly participate in the topics at hand. But oh well. At least I tried to post, to keep things looking active. So nobody can say I was a slacker in that regard.

Maybe it's time to stop. :)

Happy holidays!
Yeah miss those days when horror was at its prime. Shame now that these days it's a little dead in the water.
I have tons of old horror games that I never played beyond sampling them. I did attempt to play RE4 and Outbreak over the holidays as it had been years since I touched them, and man, they are just way too dated.

I think the RE remakes in recent years were too dark, however. You never had that problem in the 90s. You had amazing lighting in CV, and even RE3 (1999) had better exploration than the awful 2020 reimagining, as the city was nowhere as linear. Maybe they had to do it like that, because of the graphics. I don't know. But how can a 1999 game look better and play better than something from this generation? LOL.
They've changed the character models so many times, it's a wonder we can still say who they are. LOL!

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