The Last of Us Part 2 update adds 60FPS on PS5


The Last of Us Part 2 has been updated to run at 60FPS (frames per second) on PS5, Naughty Dog has confirmed.

The developer has stated that update 1.08 is “just the first step of working on the PS5”.

Once installed, the update will allow users to toggle between a framerate target of 30 FPS or 60 FPS in the Last of Us.

This allows you to choose your preferred framerate to complement the rest of the enhancements that are part of the PS5 backward compatibility with PS4 games, such as enhanced resolution, faster load times, and more.
~Naughty Dog.

The Last of Us Part 2 is available on PS4 and is backwards compatible on PS5.

That's pretty good. Would be nice to see some more old games get updated to take advantage of the PS5
The game is about a month away from being 1 year old.

Definitely not worthy of the bashing it received. I would rather they kept the series alive with sequels, and not this alleged remake.
At this rate, I probably like The Last of Us games more than Resident Evil. But all in all, you cannot call The Last of Us a "franchise" yet, so RE is still my best loved series. And since Silent Hill has been dormant for nearly a decade, I think I like Naughty Dog's IP more. However, I think the long wait gave Naughty Dog a lot of time not to half-ass their game. I mean, the second one.

With Capcom, I feel like their RE Engine is just a way to copy and paste things into new games. I've noticed too many similar aspects. Like you can tell Lady Dimitrescu is just like Mr. X and Nemesis. It's a bit sad to see the franchise ending up so daft in general, with the amount of silliness that plagued all of RE8.

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