The Last of Us Part 2 New Release Date Leaked


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Dec 11, 2018
Nearly two weeks ago, Naughty Dog broke the heart of millions when it was announced that The Last of Us 2 was delayed indefinitely. It is understandably out of Naughty Dog's hands, given the greater impact the coronavirus pandemic has on a multitude of industries worldwide, but that doesn't make the Last of Us 2 delay any easier.

Since then, Naughty Dog and Sony have reportedly been hard at work figuring out the logistics of how to produce and ship the game and get it into the hands of players worldwide in a quality that fans would expect of Naughty Dog. Now, thanks to a supposed Amazon leak, there's a good chance that The Last of Us 2 will be available sooner than some think, although this leak should still be taken with a heavy grain of salt.

The Amazon listing puts The Last of Us 2's release date as June 26, 2020, not even a full month after its initial release date of May 29. This date is noteworthy for quite a few reasons. Video games typically release on Tuesdays or Fridays, and June 26, 2020 is a Friday. Placeholder dates, something that is often mistaken for a release date leak, typically fall on the final day of a month or quarter, and June 26 is neither of those. And perhaps the most notable item is that June 26 is currently slated as Ghost of Tsushima's release date.

It could be that Naughty Dog and Sony came to some sort of agreement to put all resources into shipping a game on that date, and instead of it being Ghost of Tsushima, it may be The Last of Us 2 instead. Given the latter has been delayed multiple times and Ghost hasn't, it may be the most logical decision for fans around the world. It would also explain why the delay was indefinite, despite being less than a month later, as Sony may have had to weigh its pros and cons in what it could do.

Nonetheless, this supposed leak could still be false, and this could all be for naught. If The Last of Us 2 is now scheduled to release in June, it would definitely make a lot of people happy, and an official announcement of that as well as Ghost of Tsushima's supposed delay as a result would be inbound. However, last reports indicate that Ghost is still targeting a June release date, so it's all still up in the air.

At the same time, it wouldn't be the first time a fake leak tried to make a claim either. While it's possible the above was taken down, it could not be independent verified, so once again, take with a grain of salt.

No more grains of salt, please. Salt raises my blood pressure. Give me some of that sweet sugar, Naughty Dog, and you'll replace Capcom as my favourite gaming company. ?

In fact, screw Capcom and their awful outsourced cash grabs. We've all grown tired of this nonsense. Now you're gonna destroy RE4 next to make a quick buck. Meanwhile, everybody calls The Last of Us overrated. "We do it" for the money, of course. Isn't that right, Capcom? ?

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