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News The Last of Us Part 2 becomes Sony's biggest PS4 launch ever


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The Last of Us Part 2 has become Sony's biggest PS4 launch ever and the fastest-selling game of 2020 so far.

This is based on physical copies of the game which has took the place of previous record holder Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4, selling less on its launch weekend.

There's likely more people who have downloaded the game, although UK digital sales are not counted.

The Last of Us Part 2 has also took place of Animal Crossing: New Horizons as 2020's biggest release so far, with sales over 40% higher.

Tell us what you make of Naughty Dog's latest release in the comments below.


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I can't say I didn't expect this. TLOU 2 was a highly anticipated game. Even if it didn't live up to some people's expectations, it was virtually certain that a lot of people would go ahead and buy the game anyway.

Four mil, though, that's a lot. I can definitely guess that the numbers will continue to skyrocket as more and more people get hooked on it.
The story is too much. Otherwise though, I dug the graphics. It's just a shame that this doesn't hold up with the first one at all. It was too bitter. I don't think they got it with Abby. There was no way anybody was going to take to her when she did what she did. Her fate was more or less sealed. Although many of her scenes were quite entertaining.

One issue: I really felt that the Infected in this game could have been removed, and the rest wasn't so much a zombie adventure, so had they been removed, who would have known?


I'm not a fan of the franchise but its not surprising, it's the sequel of a hugely popular game from the last generation made by a beloved Studio (for PS4 gamers) at the end of a consoles life span ( most possible customers now own a ps4) in a time when a lot of other AAA titles have been delayed, and people are spending a lot of time indoors.


I don't at all like the direction the story went, but the gameplay is quite good. For some that's all that matters, and I can understand that.
Games aren't made to depress people. Well, maybe some are. Companies want you to feel "divisive" about things. But I feel like Neil Drunk Man lied to us with that trailer featuring Joel and Ellie. I'm just going to call him that. Then the dude expects you to 'take to' a character that you don't really know a great deal about at first, knowing what she did. OK, she is still a character and a major one at that, so I suppose seeing things from her perspective does matter to the story from the standpoint of the narrative. But considering that she's not liked at all, why'd ya think we'd care about her personality, etc? Yes, I know it's an interactive movie. That's basically what it is. But I feel like they did a major disservice doing what they did. I'd also not be surprised if they do a sequel someday with co-op, considering that a lot of parts of this game had a NPC helping you. That was originally planned, I believe. That'd be awesome. Unfortunately, no such DLC is planned for this game...

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