The impact of Hong Kong on gaming


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Feb 1, 2019
I'm sure a lot of us have already heard about what is happening in Hong Kong and the protests there. This has spread into the gaming community where some users/streamers have been punished for supporting Hong Kong due to the gaming companies wanting to keep a good relationship with China. Do you think this is right? Or should the gaming companies let us support who we want in their games?
I think the freedom of speech was pretty much null in the china and the nearby Chinese sub nations. So I am not surprised. They do have that problem and if they wish to mix with the rest of the world, they have to handle that.
It's not really a gaming issue, it is an issue that exploded in knowledge of the protests on a gaming platform and others keep using gaming tournaments to keep promoting it.
I think SJW people getting into gaming industry has made this gaming and gamers issue. Plus the chinese being censorship pro is always the case. So it all comes down to how we let the china dictate the terms for gamers.

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