The House of the Dead Full Playthrough

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Feb 7, 2019
If you have seen the zombie movie named house of dead. I am sure you had some fun watching the zombies in the bar and among the drunk people. It was kind of funny to see the movie. But the game turned out to be more serious and had some really worthy content worth watching. Check the old classic games gameplay here. I am sure you'd love it.

Yes, watching the old classic one seems funny. It's a simple animation and it's not complicated. It doesn't look disgusting and a real bloody thing. Truly games has evolved and more aggressive these days. Developers are great with their ideas/concept and user is enjoying every innovation. It sure kills one's time. ( Ha.Ha.Ha )
Yes voices are funny. And also the overall gameplay experience is fun. And even more so on the content side it is not that bad. I mean over the years they have changed a lot. I think new users can find it time killer. And overall series is good one as we check, lot of graphics wise improvements.

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