The Game Awards 2019


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Mar 27, 2019
Hey guys, did you watch the Game Awards for this year?

I had to go to work. Originally I wasn't as excited as other years, then I heard Reggie would be on stage, hahah.
I got curious.

I know that there was some pessimism surrounding this year with some of the judging panel and Death Stranding, and I think someone was saying of a category created that was made basically for Nintendo to fill it up, though I don't know if that was this year or the category they were complaining was made long ago.

Did you guys agree with the games nominated and the winners?
What would you have changed?
I think death stranding and cyberpunk are two good products in the game industry so far.
Sadly this fell a bit flat, I liked the few trailers they showed but the show itself was meh.
I think game awards often bias towards the most influenced by the market. Which is kind of easy to manipulate also.

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