The first part of the Minecraft update dedicated to caves and mountains will be available to download next week!


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Jun 2, 2021

The world of Minecraft is preparing to face one of the most immense changes that has occurred in it so far. After months of waiting since it was announced in October last year, the big Caves & Cliffs update now has a release date and will be available for free download starting June 8.

As anticipated last April, it will be the first part of the two updates in which this downloadable content will be divided. What it will do above all is to change the way the caves will look with new biomes and blocks that will make drops fall from the ceiling, crystals or others in the form of stalactites and stalagmites.

31 mind-blowing buildings, cities, and architectural ideas created in Minecraft
31 mind-blowing buildings, cities, and architectural ideas created in Minecraft
Among all of them, copper will also stand out, which in turn will be used to make new objects, among which will be the spyglass and the lightning rod. Even so, Mojang has warned that some of the new blocks will be somewhat hidden, so those who want to practice with them as much as they want can access Creative mode and thus select them at any time.

It is also planned that along with all this a new type of enemy will be added, in addition to goats, axolotls or the squid of Minecraft Earth, so that players will have at their disposal a long list of novelties that will serve to live new adventures or create new worlds.

The first part of the Caves & Cliffs update will be available for all Bedrock Edition versions of Minecraft on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 PC, iOS and Android, as well as get it for those who have the Java Edition on Windows, macOS and Linux.

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estoy ansioso porque llegara el 8 de junio del 2021 !!! un saludo amigos para los que juegan minecraft y tambien para los que no :)

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