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Do you believe that current marketing team and community managers should be replaced?

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Greetings world!
I'm writing this post with the idea to reach you, the people of the web that are probably outside of twitch and outside of the elder scrolls: legends world.
First as a gamer I have my personal top 5 of most favorite games, one of them is TESL /The Elder Scrolls: Legends/ - free to play card game.
Currently the project seems to be placed by bethesda on the background compared to everything else. This is the near future may lead to only one thing - no profits, no updates and in the end pulling back that game from the market to cut company expenses!
BUT, this game is AMAZING regardless all the mistakes made by the company these days. /e.g the latest expansion of the game/
With few friends, we honestly believe it is just poor management by the people that are responsible for that. Sometimes getting your pay check is more important than actually doing your job. So I came here to 'promote' 'advertise' even 'spam' the web about TESL since people that have to maintain ad campaigns and have to promote the game don't do anything.
WE, the players, the gamers could not let that project sink. So, I'm here to ask for your help to spread the word about the game.

Please, if you have no idea what TESL is, you can check

the official website of the game here :
The Elder Scrolls: Legends
twitch category :

my channel :

I will be there in about 12 hours again, just like every day in the past 20 months, 7h+ a day. You can ask me anything about the game, I'll be more than glad to answer your questions.