The Cuphead devs would love to make a Zelda game


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Dec 25, 2018
Still, the bit of the interview that probably hit me the hardest is when they told me their dreams to make a new Zelda game. With Cadence of Hyrule and Cuphead dominating the Switch eShop charts right now, it's easy to imagine putting the two together for an instant success, but that's thinking small. Jared has much bigger plans, like "...a sprawling Zelda title brought to life in a doting 2D hand-animated style...Think of all the expressiveness and life you could bring to the tribes, people, and enemies of a universe that rich! And much like Cuphead, we would get to test our design mettle coming up with screen-filling bosses of an entirely different nature. Of course, backgrounds would be completely hand-painted with nothing re-used! The list just goes on and on. It would be an absolute dream come true."

For some reason I'm getting Zelda CDi nightmares right now....

I don't think the cuphead style would be good for Zelda personally, but I could be wrong.

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