The Crackpet Show (Making Of)

Vixa Games

Sep 8, 2022
Hey all we're Vixa Games, Developers of a game called The Crackpet Show, it's an action-packed rogue-lite shoot’em-up with mutated cute pets that fight in a bizarre TV Show, The game is inspired from the popular TV show, Happy Tree Friend.

The production set was ready in early 2020. During that time, our board of TV show directors discussed the potential setting (or, in other words, are asses firing bullets ok?). On top of that, Karol, our art director, had lots of fun by designing the tools of mayhem - we already knew at that time that TCS would take you on the rouge-like bullet-hell adventure. And yeah, what an adventure that would be without proper bosses? Klaudzia, our graphic designer said that DJ Horse is one of her favorites, and it was inspired by her party outfit (don’t judge!).


We are a small indie studio from Poland, and like (almost) all small indie studios, we were too optimistic (looking at you Spav, our game designer). In the beginning, we thought that the game would be ready to launch in Early Access after a year of production. Well, here we are, 20 months later. At least we didn't share the launch window at that time, so you didn't have to read the "yeah, we are sorry" PR statements. Fingers crossed you never will from us!


Tell us what you think in the comments, if you have played the game and have some feedback or questions, drop them in the comments!