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Dec 7, 2021
If you are a enthusiast and have interests in princess makeup games, but you don't know which game to choose. Winx magic princess makeover game is a game that you should definitely experience. This game has something attractive and attractive, let's go to the Kuesports game page to find out in today's article.

Learn Winx Magic Princess Makeover Game

Magical princess belongs to the genre of cartoon fashion game. Your task when participating in the game is to play the role of a makeup artist to beautify the princesses. In this game you will participate in beautifying the beautiful princesses of the Winx group. Inspired by the famous Italian animated film that was shown in 2004 – Winx Club. => Click here to play the game right on the website: Game công chúa phép thuật


You will go to beautify 7 princesses of the group including Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Bloom, Layla and finally Roxy. If you play, you can optionally choose from hair style to skin color, the clothes they will wear, even the accessories to make them gorgeous.

Why is this game so attractive to so many players?

Many people also know the game through the movie Winx Club and also many people know it because of the current trend of magical princesses that is prevalent among young people. However, after that, there were many downloads and the number of people participating in the game was increasing day by day.

How to play the magic princess makeup game

Princess Winx Dress Up Game is one of the internet video games so it can be played by everyone. Do not exclude any audience or age. The game is especially suitable for young people or girls who have a love and passion for makeup.

The gameplay is very simple, not difficult in the manipulation of the game. You can completely get used to this game after just a few minutes of experience. With just a few mouse clicks or simply tap to select. Players will be able to manually use the costumes, hair samples, skin colors to combine them together to help their characters become more beautiful and gorgeous than ever.

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The game also has a number of tasks given to players to perform, which are easy to see, which is to choose items that are similar to the given model. If you look closely at the pattern, you can easily complete this task. Fashion-loving girls, especially Winx princesses, should not be missed.

What players will get when participating

If you play games for entertainment purposes and play time appropriately, there will be practical values for you:

The game was born with the purpose of entertainment and it will promote its right role. This game is the same, completing tasks as well as creating gorgeous characters will also make you feel less tired when looking at your own achievements. After hours of study or stressful work, it helps you both entertain and train your aesthetic eye.

On the other hand, your fashion sense can also be improved through the many styles of clothing that you learn through the game. Helps increase visibility when coordinating and applying makeup as required by the given task.


How is the game rated by players?

In some forums or social networking sites it has received positive responses. Some of the features that have received praise from players are as follows:
  • There is a system of clothes and hairstyles that are quite diverse in style and design.
  • The interface is beautifully designed, modern, although the graphics are still a bit simple, but it is still undeniably attractive.
  • The characters in the game are created extremely beautiful, a feeling of closeness and familiarity for those who know about the movie Winx Club.
  • The soft music of the game makes players feel like they are watching a Winx movie.
The trend of transforming magical princesses is popular among young people today

Not only is there a simulation game based on the movie Winx Club, but now, among young people, there is also a trend of transforming these Winx princesses. This trend originated from a Vietnamese tiktok account named An Nkien Pham, who started the transformation trend "Winx magic, Enchantix", by simulating makeup like princesses in the famous cartoon movie. this.

Enchantix is also the saying that created this transformation trend, the saying when Winx princess characters transform and netizens also use this sentence to create humor. An interesting thing is that young people also make up dialogues suitable to their situations and messages with the aim of conveying their message, wanting to be sympathetic and not disparaging.

So today's article we went together to find out in detail about the magical princess makeup game. And also introduce a few features about the transformation trend of the emerging youth at the moment. Thank you for your interest and follow the article.

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