The Best Bad Anime | Chargeman Ken


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Dec 11, 2018
Kenny lauderdale (me), breaks down Chargeman ken, the most legendarily bad anime ever created. It's so bad it may actually be the best anime of all time. Dive into madness at 2 frames a second as chargeman ken defends the earth with all the animation of a tiger electronic wristwatch. Chargeman ken has every anime animation error in the book. Hilariously bad animation? Check. Badly DRAWN animation? Big check. People's mouths don't even match up with what they're saying somethings, and this anime was made in JAPAN. They didn't need to dub it into english & they still couldn't get that right. The length of the episodes doesn't even make sense. The AMOUNT of episodes in this anime series doesn't even make sense. NOTHING about chargeman ken is normal. Just being in the general area of this anime makes anime you thought were bad into masterpieces. Maybe if you watch this video, and that's what it is cause it sure isn't a review, it might make a LITTLE more sense. I doubt it though. I really do. So bad it's good? The most terrible anime ever created? Worst anime of all time? Maybe it's all three. You decide.


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