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Feb 7, 2019
We all know that James cameron was working on Avatar 2 but it never got out. And now that the avatar game is also stalled for years. But it seems the game may come out in 2020.

What do you think of this news?
yeesh, a game that long usually turns out to be pretty bad, hopefully it will do the series justice.
I hope so considering the new movie is not coming out any earlier from what I have heard.
This needs to hurry up, when they released the announcement in 2017 I have been waiting on developments ever since! Hope 2020 is the year
If they announced it in 2017, then I guess three years is not as bad for a modern game, if we're talking of a 3D experience with realistic graphics and physics. To be honest, I didn't know such a game was being made so I might be way off in what I am imagining it will look like, haha.

If even next year they don't really have anything to show other than the announcement of the delay, I'd agree it might be looking like internal conflicts within the company and possibly a very underdeveloped game.

I too hope the game will be good and actually more than just grabbing the title. I hope they can incorporate things well to suit gaming ina way that doesn't feel forced, out of place or just more tedious than entertaining.
I too feel 2020 is the year but they have like 2 movies of avatar which are pending. And so does the game. I kind of feel like cameron has lost the money and not able to finish the series.

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