The Advantages Of Playing Mobile Games


The sounds and colors that we see in mobile games beg for our attention. Once you start playing, the likelihood of being caught in a gaming loop is increased. But what are the advantages of playing games on mobile phones?

Unlike the traditional idea that games are bad for us, there is a new attitude these days. Scientists and psychologists are countering the argument that all games are harmful. In fact, whether you’re playing Candy Crush on our phone, or using a pubg emulator for windows 10, there do seem to be some positive impacts to gaming.

Improves Mood​

On days when you’re in a bad mood, a good video game session on your phone could lift your mood. The feeling of victory that you get when you figure out a difficult level is incomparable. A game that uses interesting mechanics and exciting visuals can also boost mood.

You get a break from a monotony when you visit the virtual world in your game. This can be very helpful for keeping anxiety at bay and keeping your emotions more stable. If someone feels happier when they play a mobile game, psychologists will definitely be happy to suggest this affordable but fun mood lifters.

Improves Thinking Skills​

Games, especially ones in the action genre, ask the player to make split-second decisions in order to succeed. Games that simulate stressful events such as action or battle games could serve as a training tool for real-world citations. These games can be used to train professionals like army personnel or even surgeons. A study by the University of Rochester found that action games can compel plays to make more decisions per unit of time.

Even puzzle games or games like bingo appear to bring a significant uplift in the mental activity of the person playing. Tasks like keeping track of bingo cards and focusing on the numbers called out are all good for mental stimulation.

Enhance Situational Awareness​

Situational awareness is incredibly important in certain professions, and it can dramatically help us in our day-to-day lives. The army has begun to use some video games to train soldiers and help to improve their situational awareness during combat citations. Apart from the obvious action games that may help with this, a lot of more strategic games like Backgammon and Chess need the player to be aware of the situational changes and can improve awareness too.

Cures The Aging Problem​

Every one of us is getting older. Even if you haven’t reached your thirties yet, all your experiences of stress and those sleepless nights all add up and cause some mental aging. There is a psychological pattern in the human brain called the Triumph Circuit. This rewards engagement. Our brains make us feel good when we overcome a challenge. Video games can help you to hack this circuit for that feel-good lift. Games give you a challenge and make you feel satisfied. This emotion can help you to counter stressful feelings.
Mobile games have been great for those that works in sites. You can play these games in your free period to have a very good experience of playing those games. It is something that I like pretty much.

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