The 10 Most Active Gaming Forums

10 Most Popular Video Game Forums​


Over the years, online gaming forums have become an important part of the internet for gamers. A place where gamers can get together to talk about all things gaming such as walkthroughs, tips, guides, and more about their favorite video games.

Video game forums are on the rise, with multiple spots for people to interact with other fellow gamers. Below, you'll find a comprehensive list of the most active video game forums on the internet today.

1. IGN​


IGN’s video game forum is a quality and modern forum that is organized by gaming platform such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc. A gaming community every gamer can hope to be.

2. Gamespot​


GameSpot is one of the active video game forum that has some interesting topics created by its users. It covers a range of topics from gaming to politics, all which are quality written posts.

3. GameFAQS​


GameFAQs has a simplistic yet timeless design. Its the number one source for detailed walkthroughs for games and has a supportive, tight-knit community who discuss all kinds of video games.

4. Reddit​


Reddit's r/gaming subreddit has become the place for gamers to share their knowledge, setups, and other gaming related fun - from tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons to online gaming, you can discuss anything and everything here. As of 2018, r/gaming has increased to 20 million subscribers.

5. JoyFreak​


JoyFreak is one of the newer gaming forums around but it's friendly userbase and activity has been on the rise since it's launch in 2018. It is the most modern looking gaming forum, with sections to discuss all your favorite video games and gaming platforms. It also has a gaming market place to sell, buy or trade your gaming accounts, items and everything else.



MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) has a huge fanbase and this gaming forum has some of the dedicated fans. It offers helpful links to buy, play, and pre-order games with easy accessibility. The site has some huge statistics with millions of posts and over thousands of threads.

7. Gaming Latest​


GamingLatest community has a friendly userbase that allows content creators to share their work with other fellow gamers. Its the place to be for gamers to discuss video games, share their content and receive some valuable feedback.

8. Steam​


Steam’s reputation has increased dramatically over the years, with its users having access to hundreds of forums that's specific to each game hosted on Steam. Steam forums allow others to share gaming guides, FAQs, and modding walkthroughs.

9. GiantBomb​


GiantBomb has a sleek and clean design, with over thousands of forum posts. This community has gamers eagerly discussing their most anticipated game releases and future speculation on different gaming franchises.

10. Minecraft Forum​


Minecraft Forum is the place for all of those die-hard fans to gather and talk about Minecraft. It's design represents its game, with hundreds of topics regarding the extensive mods and skins used in the game.
It's worth noting that #4 (Reddit) is full of insufferable people.
As long as you stick to the wholesome subreddits, you should be fine. But yeah, some of the people on there are awful
Yeah IGN is VERY active, but happy to see JoyFreak on this list! Happy to have found this site :)
Activity can be a blessing and a curse for a forum, depending how it's managed. I used to run the community side of one of the larger gaming forums out there ( before it shut down, and it was exceptionally active in its' early days, and then less so as things like cheat codes started to fade out of gaming. The community was close-knit, but highly politicized in how it was run, meaning a strict ruleset and low tolerance for just about any infractions. It helped keep the community active, but also less toxic than what you'd find elsewhere on the internet. So while I'd love to see a community of mine reach levels of activity like IGN or GameFAQs, I can't imagine the work that goes on to police it, and I also can't imagine it being a place free of the toxicity that tends to invade larger sites like them.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, that's a pretty solid list of some of the larger gaming forums out there!
I don't know why but I don't like IGN and Gamespot forum
Though their website is very informative
I am on a couple of forums mentioned here, for example, joyfreak (of course),, MMORPG, gaming latest, and minecraft. Even though I am not doing a lot of posting on these forums, I check these forums once ina while and make some posts.

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