Test build for game Life of Loader


Dec 17, 2021
Hello for everyone. Long story short, I've made a game.
You are a loader and your responsibilities include unloading trucks and sorting goods into racks. There are also additional tasks such as acomplish visitor's tasks or check lists of goods on trays. In the future there will be more.

In the end and during day(which lasts 12 minutes,equvalent for 12 hour of work real loader) you completing also additional tasks, such as turn off lights, be sure that you left nothing on street, squeezing boxes and etc.

You have to be quick, because time is running out very quickly.

All game have duration of 15 such days or month of loader work.

At the end of the this thread, I want to say that idea of game was inspired by Truck Loader (ancient flash game)
and my friend loader.

For those who interesting. I'm making game by using godot engine and for android.

One more time, If you have special mood you can find video about this game on my youtube chanel. Attention!!! this video made by guy who dont know how to make them right, so sorry for quality and vois. Till the next time.