Tenet release not delayed because of Christopher Nolan


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Dec 11, 2018
With theaters chains like Cinemark angling to reopen and begin showing new movies by July, their hope is Tenet will serve as the blockbuster that welcomes audiences back to the multiplex. Since there will be restrictions in place to keep moviegoers safe and healthy, the film is projected to have a soft opening, but a lengthy run (due to minimal competition) if it hits its current date.
In a recent earnings conference call (h/t Rerelease News), IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond confirmed Nolan is leading the fight against delaying Tenet, saying "I don’t know anyone in America who is pushing harder than Chris Nolan to have the theaters open and to have his movie released in July when it’s scheduled for.” Gelfond also confirmed that post-production on Tenet has continued throughout the current lockdown, saying IMAX has "incorporated a number of remote tools into our workflows" and made it safe for a select few staff members to access their facilities, allowing them to keep the movie on-track to make its tentative date this summer.
While a handful of states (like Georgia) have started allowing businesses like theaters to reopen, most places are being more careful. California, in particular, says it could be months before its movie theaters are up and running again. With Warner Bros. committed to releasing Tenet in theaters and not direct to streaming, the studio will likely hold off on releasing it until it's able to play in the biggest markets in the U.S. Considering it's said to have cost more than $200 million to make before advertising, the studio can't afford to screen the tentpole in just a handful of locations, either. It's also worth remembering studies suggest people will be wary of returning to mass public events (like movie screenings), even after it's deemed safe for them to do so. That's another factor which could ultimately lead to Tenet being postponed.


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