Teenage boy whose death was linked to COVID-19 turned away from urgent care for not having insurance


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Dec 11, 2018
A 17-year-old whose death was initially linked to the novel coronavirus despite not having any previously reported health conditions was denied treatment at a California medical facility over his lack of insurance, according to the mayor.

R Rex Parris, the mayor of Lancaster, California, confirmed the teen’s death in a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday, in which he warned residents to take the global pandemic seriously and practice self-isolation and social distancing measures.

“The Friday before he died, he was healthy,” the mayor said about the teenager. “By Wednesday, he was dead.”

The mayor said the teen “didn’t have insurance, so they did not treat him” when he arrived at an urgent care facility in the area. The medical staff then told the child to go to a local public hospital.

“En route to AV Hospital, he went into cardiac arrest,”
the mayor said. “They were able to revive him and keep him alive for about six hours. But by the time he got there, it was too late.”


However, Los Angeles’ County Department of Public Health later said the teen’s death was taken off a list of deaths associated with Covid-19 in the area. The department said the CDC would complete an investigation into the teen’s death.

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