Tape Recovery Simulator 96K

May 28, 2021
Tape Recovery Simulator 96K (TRS96K for friends) is a game about recovering data off of reluctant and grumpy old tapes.


Loading data from tapes is a lost art. You need fine adjustment to compensate for strange, cheap, poor recordings suffering from defects, demagnetisation, fingerprints, sound interruptions, noise and the occasional tangling of the tape.


You'll definitely need some extra buttons to do a good job. By default, data doesn't want to be retrieved. You need a lot of tweaking to pull it out from the decaying state it likes to linger in.


And there's a boss. Only one. But it's one more than enough. The tie and suit kind. Dwelling in strongly lit, coffee-smelling offices. His unique blend of incompetence, greediness and technical illiteracy make him a very poor manager. You'll need to fight him and his awfull leading skills constantly.


TRS96K Trailer

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May 28, 2021
Thank you Ash, for your reply!

You might remember how NES users used to blow on their cardriges to make them work.

As 8bit machines owners, we were never that lucky.
If not stored properly, tapes have a tendency to degrade over time, especially if left near strong magnetic/electric fields (like cathode monitors/TVs, speakers, children, power sources, power plants, EMP bombs, any kind of star, ...)
We had an entire ritual trying to load games and software from magnetic tapes that weren't always eager to work properly. Sometimes, successfully loading a game was more rewarding than the game itself :)

And that's amazing gameplay, worthy of its own game.