Survivor or killer in Dead by Daylight?


Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror survival video game (4vs1) where you can play as a survivor or a killer. As a survivor you need to repair 5 generators and escape from the killer while the killer must kill all the survivors by hanging them on hooks. What do you prefer to play with - a killer or a survivor?

Whenever I'm alone and don't have any friends to play with I prefer to play with a killer because I find it more enjoyable. But when I have at least 1 friend with me I play as a survivor with him. The video game is definitely more enjoyable if you have someone else to play it with.


I think if you want more fun then survivor is what you should choose. Because here you have to find place to hide and make sure to survive. So that adds more fun to the game. Killer can be fun to for a change.