SuperMash coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch on May 8


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Dec 12, 2018
In SuperMash, players can discover randomly generated games (called Mashes) where they can challenge themselves in a wide variety of unexpected genre hybrids.

Through positive and negative “glitches,” SuperMash creates unique and unpredictable scenarios by altering the mechanics of the Mashes the game gives you. Additionally, players can control certain elements of what they play by applying Dev Cards, which represent a generous selection of characters, enemies, environments, and more. Players can share the Mashes they find with their friends by giving them its unique playable code. The game’s story mode takes place in a video game store where players receive quests by assisting customers and stocking the shelves with the best Mashes the game can generate.

Anyone currently playing on PC will receive an update on the Epic Games Store with many fixes and improvements. Most notably, this includes a new tileset for the shoot ’em up genre as well as a new set of JRPG characters inspired by turn-based monster-catching games. All of these changes will be available to console players at launch as well.

In SuperMash, players can:

  • Mash together six unique 2D game genres, including metrovania, shoot ‘em up, stealth, platformer, JRPG, and action-adventure. Each can be combined with itself or one of the other genres.
  • Further customize Mashes generated with collectible in-game Dev Cards, which allow them to pick and choose specific characters, enemies, worlds, and more every time they play.
  • Run a video game shop stocked with retro hybrids of player-created games.
  • Share their favorite combinations with the world through unique codes generated for each Mash.


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