Super Mario Maker 2 Players May Want To Consider Buying A Stylus


I haven't tried them - but I love creating things, so I think I would like them. Anyway, how would you compare the amount of fun to The SIMS?

Now, there is a Super Mario Maker 2 coming out next week - and it seems like it would be a blast, with some added features not present in the Wii U one. O.K. who is considering getting one? Do you feel the added features are a huge improvement over the old one?

Myself, I am constantly into 3D computer art - but I haven't tackled the SIMS or Mario Maker games - but aside from the gaming aspect, they seem way less fun - than just fooling around with people, buildings etc. alone (creating scenes like in Poser or Daz 3D).
I have the first one gathering dust, I think I made like one or two stages, I felt it was a waste of time considering I had more games to play.


Not a fan of the first game either and didn't bothered with the second game. I wonder where this trend is going for them. I am assuming not a lot of takers it seems.