Super Mario Maker 2 Direct - Thoughts?


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Mar 27, 2019
Not long ago there was Nintendo Direct focused on it. If you guys missed it, here it is:

Anyway, what do you guys think of the game?
It seems like they added a lot more options compared to the first one, however, the price seems to be a bit excessive.

If the idea of making levels and playing other peoples ideas is enticing and you think you can milk a lot this game then I guess it is a pretty good option.
I think I'll wait a while before getting it if I decide to go for it at all.
I wasn't going to get it, but the fact it has an offline mode is now making it enticing. So I may get it down the line.
I mean the price is normal as with any other new game. I'm definitely looking forward to this, especially the multiplayer versus mode.
i think it is the same thing but with 3d super mario bros it is better
To be fair, the first Mario Maker also had 3D land on it as well. I am very interested in the special 3D only mode and what different things you can do in that.

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