Streamers - What's the best live streaming camera?


Content Creators and Vloggers, what video camera do you use to create content for your loyal subscribers? What are the specifications and how much did you pay? I'm using the built in Video on my Laptop to record vlogs and other YouTube Videos. My plan is to upgrade my gaming equipment once my channel is heading in the right direction for becoming successful.


I am not a video content creator. I have created text and image contents for various sites (not just for social media but for blogs, forums and websites), however, I have never created a video for youtube or any other video sharing site. I do not have a camera. The only camera I have is the cellphone camera, which is 16 MP and takes good video and images.


I currently have the Mi A2. And I have realized that the camera is not that bad. You can see that it is good enough for the video and some of the images. I know for sure that if I were to do streaming in such case I'd need better camera and also some data connection for myself. Hopefully I can do that next few months.
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