Steam or Epic Games Store?


Formerly 'xXInfectedXx'
Choosing between Steam and the Epic Games Store which do you prefer? Which game shop do you use the most? What are your reasons as to why? Epic Store is my preference and favourite. It's much easier to navigate my way around and the user interface is excellent. It looks cleaner and I can find what video game I'm after in a matter of minutes.


I think I personally have no specific demand on store. As long as my games and the keys are safe. And I get to play the game years after the purchase and the data remains on their server, I am fine with it.


I prefer Steam cause it has wider selection of games and accessibility, seems more reliable than Epic Games and overall, the community aspect is a nice addition to the overall gaming experience on the platform. Also, it's really neat that you can buy Steam gift cards and then get Steam games, which is kinda cheaper and pays off in the long run. I mean, yeah, Epic does give free games once in a while, the GTA V was a very nice surprise, but still, I will probably always prefer Steam, they have sales and free games too if that is important, soooo

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