Steam Deck by Valve Full Review


Sep 12, 2022
Steam deck by valve full Review 2022

The steam deck from valve is one of the most powerful and cheapest handheld PC gaming consoles that have the capacity to run PC AAA games smoothly with little tweaks at 60fps with no lags. The steam deck runs on SteamOS 3.0 based on Linux os. unlike the Nintendo Switch, the steam deck can also run other games vis their emulator and these include Gamecube, PlayStation 3, PSP, ps2 and much more. Steam deck can function without you having a steam account which will give you access to the steam game library and can also install Windows 11 but some features might not work due to the unavailability of their drivers

The Steam Deck Handheld comes in three variants which are the 64GB steam deck,256Gb and 51Gb version both with the same spec but with different memory but can be extended via MMC.

How to play non-steam games on the steam deck

The Steam deck is designed in such a way that steam users can run AAA PC games on the handheld without having a steam account using the lutris which can be used to run Origin, Ubisoft, and Epic Games on Linux os and the using protonup-qt to enhance the game speed and graphic which can be downloaded from the flatpack manager. With proper settings, most games will run on 60fps on the stream handheld and this includes games like Cyberpunk, God of War, Call of Duty

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