Discussion Star Wars Jedi: Survivor might turn out to be the greatest game


Jun 4, 2022
This is just a snippet of what I was reading earlier on this gaming blog website. With the teaser trailer that came out, it gave us a lot of excitement for us Star Wars fans. With the Grand Inquisitor being in the game and whoever it might be in the bacta tank, we are for sure getting a fantastic game. With all the new shows like Kenobi, Bad Batch, and the Cassian Andor taking place around the same time as Jedi Fallen Order it could be interesting if Cal Kestis gets help from the Bad Batch group in getting away from the Grand Inquisitor as seen in we see him in the latest trailer, or something along those lines would be very cool. Or if Cal seeks Kenobi’s help with learning more about the force. Or could we see Cal Kestis go down a darker path?

It would be cool if we see at least a what-if on Cal Kestis going down a different path than a Jedi. His turning to the dark side would be a cool game to see. We see him rocking the inquisitor threads in a free content that Respawn gave us in 2020. It’s the same outfit we see in Cal Kestis’s vision but would be pretty cool to see him go down that path. This is the link to the article which is a great read for Jedi Survivor and any other topics.

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