Star Wars actor says there isn't very much for the young fans in the franchise


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Dec 11, 2018
Star Wars is leaving its young fan base behind, according to one of its most iconic stars – and when Jar Jar Binks speaks, you listen.

Actor Ahmed Best, known for his polarising role as Jar Jar in the oft-derided prequel series, has admitted that he thinks the Star Wars franchise is now more for "millennials" and "generation X" than kids.

Despite every man, woman, and yes, child wanting their very own Baby Yoda from Disney+ series The Mandalorian, Best told Jamie Stangroom that "there isn't very much for the kids anymore in Star Wars".
"It's very much for the millennials and gen-Xers like myself," he explained. "Kids are kind of left out of these, and [they] have to go to the animated series in order to get their dose of Star Wars."

Of course, if animation isn't their thing, they can always go for The Phantom Menace instead. "They do like Phantom Menace," he added. "Phantom Menace is very much a kids movie."
"The new iterations of Star Wars are not really skewed towards kids, which is not something that George ever really wanted to do," Best argued. "George was always about the kids... This idea that the movies are for adults is a very new thing, to be honest."

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