News Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 delayed, developer wants to avoid buggy release


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May 30, 2020
Cloud Imperium has issued a new progress update, in which it revealed that Squadron 42 is nowhere close to being complete. As such, the team does not plan to show any gameplay footage for this game for the foreseeable future. In fact, you should not expect to be playing this single-player space combat game anytime soon.

Chris Robert claimed that he does not want to release a buggy game, and that the awful release of Cyberpunk 2077 is something that Cloud Imperium tries to avoid.

As Chris Robert said:

"As I said earlier this year, Squadron 42 will be done when it is done, and will not be released just to make a date, but instead only when all the technology and content is finished, the game is polished, and it plays great. I am not willing to compromise the development of a game I believe in with all my heart and soul, and I feel it would be a huge disservice to all the team members that have poured so much love and hard work into Squadron 42 if we rushed it out or cut corners to put it in the hands of everyone who is clamoring for it. Over the past few years, I’ve seen more than a few eagerly awaited titles release before they were bug free and fully polished. This holiday season is no exception. This is just another reminder to me of why I am so lucky to have such a supportive community, as well as a development model that is funded by people that care about the best game possible, and not about making their quarterly numbers or the big holiday shopping season.

For most games it is typical to not even announce the project until about 12 months out and only start building awareness with marketing 6 months before launch. The issues with showing gameplay, locations or assets on a narratively driven game this early are twofold. First, a marketing campaign can only last so long and second, there is only so much of the gameplay that we can show before release as we want you to experience a really engrossing story. If we show the non-spoiler gameplay now, that’s prime footage and gameplay that could have been used closer to release. It is better to treat Squadron 42 like a beautifully wrapped present under the tree that you are excited to open on Christmas Day, not knowing exactly what is inside, other than that it’s going to be great.

Because of this I have decided that it is best to not show Squadron 42 gameplay publicly, nor discuss any release date until we are closer to the home stretch and have high confidence in the remaining time needed to finish the game to the quality we want.”

Uuuhhhhhh... I know with Cyberpunk's release people want less buggy games... but this game feels like a myth at this point.

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