Square Enix scales down PAX East plans over coronavirus


Final Fantasy XIV PAX East events have been cancelled over coronavirus as Square Enix scales down its plans at the event.

As the community may be aware, COVID-19 (also known as ‘novel coronavirus’) is spreading within the East Asia region. Taking into consideration the current situation within the region, sadly Square Enix has decided to cancel the PAX East attendance of staff who would be travelling from the Japan offices.

This difficult decision was based on our desire to prevent any potential spread of the virus and to prioritize the health and safety of our team and our fans.
This means that a panel session, developer signings and a planned fan gathering event have all been cancelled. However, Square Enix confirmed that its Final Fantasy XIV booth will remain on the PAX East show floor at the event which runs between February 27 to March 1.

That's more bad news for the event as only last week Sony confirmed it too would be cancelling planned activities at PAX East.
They don't need much, just a big square to house all the demos for the FF 7 remake and thats it :P
I was actually hoping they'd make another sleeping dogs the second one was amazing. But noone but them knows if there gonna make another one or not.
I think considering the virus issues and the way china handled it. Future shows and the events should be in places other than china. Because nobdoy wants to get into health issues in near future.

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