Spotify vs Pandora - Which streaming service do you use?


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Jan 1, 2020
At first when I heard of pandora I honestly thought it was the box until I started using the product I enjoyed it but the ads got out of control and they put a skip limit on the songs so I searched for another music streaming and found "Spotify." No song skip limit and the free version has very little commercials, except for those annoying ads encouraging you to buy there premium services which offers better quality music, no ads, offline music and some other stuff only for about 99 cents, what a bargain! Anyways in my honest opinion I'd have to say that the audience for spotify is much bigger and they offer much more songs than pandora.

What do you guys think about these 2 streaming services?
I never use a streaming service these days outside of some random stuff on youtube. I did use esnips at one time but they are long gone.
I've swapped constantly over the years betwen Apple Music and Spotify for all my streaming needs but I've always come back to Spotify, it just seems more friendly for me than Apple Music ever did, and I had a bloody iPhone. I've got myself a family account now so I can share it around with the family (obviously) but it does also work better with all my Amazon Alexa's so that's a bonus as well. I would just use YouTube but..nah.
I use Spotify, but not Spotify Premium. I've never tried Apple Music before, and I don't think I will.
I use Apple Music myself, since it comes with my iPhone and prefer it to Spotify. I feel like Spotify drains my battery, not sure how it is on other devices.
I have DI.FM subscription. I mostly listen to the electronica music. And its perfect service for that type of the music.
Personally I am really not enjoying Spotify anymore. I have been paying for their premium services for over a year and I just find that everything I download disappears. I actually am going to move to Apple Music but I would love other suggestion !
Amerigo, you can download YouTube music then listen with no connection 😁
It is one of the best online and in app radio channel. If you like electronica music genres then you should check it out.
I think Spotify is way on top when it comes to smart algorithms. Maybe not the best UI but the best UX imo
I actually use YouTube to stream music. My taste in music is obscure, and a lot of the stuff I like is not available on Spotify or Pandora. I find that Spotify mainly has music that was produced in the United States.

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