Spirit: Summoners of Áine-Chlair Public Build 0.3: Summoner

May 31, 2020
Good morning, everyone! This is Ghostie, the Ghostie of Ghostie that will Ghostie the Ghostie out of your Ghostie the Ghostie of- Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough! As was promised, Spirit: Summoners of Áine-Chlair Build 0.3 is now on itch.io, as well as added a new feature: Section section~ I hope you all enjoy it!


  • Linux build is now available
  • New Chapter added: Chapter 3: Summoner
  • New feature added: Chapter Select
  • 3 new sprites for Damian
  • 3 new sprites for Rimu
  • 9 new sprites for Viktor
  • 8 new sprites for Luna
  • 2 new sprites for Noah
  • New content added in CHAPTER 2 ("Leave him alone!" section is now available.)
  • Edited / Rewritten several scenes in CHAPTER 2 (including "Stay here for a while." section.)
  • More, more, more CGs~

Bug fixes:​

  • Grammar & Typo fixes
  • Adjusted the Fog animation

Download and play Spirit: Summoners of Áine-Chlair here: Spirit: Summoners of Áine-Chlair by GhostieSpectie