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Broken Shotgun

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Jun 15, 2019
It's due to begin tonight, at 9 PM (BST), so be sure to stay tuned. ;)

Just give me Silent Hill already! :p

It was good. Glad to see they'll have some new games at launch, even if most are crossgen and therefore won't truly showcase what the console is capable of.

Not that I'm expecting anything to push the limits of the console for a few years, but now we know games like Sackboy and the Mile Morales Spider-Man are probably just going to look and play like PS4 Pro games with ray tracing, better load times in parts, and slightly enhanced audio alongside some kind of use of the DualSense controller. None of them will utilize the hyper fast I/O for design purposes like the upcoming Ratchet and Clank game will (seamless leaping between entire worlds / levels, new engine wizardry, etc).

Final Fantasy XVI being a timed console exclusive was a shocker. I didn't think Sony would moneyhat such a huge property, especially one in which the fanbase already favors their platform over the competitors by a rather wide margin. I figured they'd target something else. But I'm not complaining, I was planning on going PS5 anyway.
Huh? I couldn't even see the price at the end, due to the bad 144 video quality. Plus, I had three things running last night: My PS4, my laptop, and my phone. LOL. I'm also a moderator on somebody's YouTube channel, so I had to watch out for spammers, donate, and post on forums all at once. It's like clockwork. :D

So... how much does a PS5 cost in GBP?

I better get saving up now, although maybe I need not rush things just yet. Resident Evil Village isn't coming out until 2021 anyway. :)

If anybody wants to know, Konami has a showcase planned for 26 September. Maybe we'll see the new Silent Hill game then.

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