Sony to add 1440p support to PS5 “if requested enough”


Sony has declared it would add 1440p support to next-gen console PS5 “if demanded enough” by customers.

Hideaki Nishino at Sony said:
I want to give top priority to TV support. There is no technical problem at all.” As such, Nishino said that customers simply ask for Sony to make 1440p a priority and it would be looked into.

Nishino also explained the differences between the PS4’s cooling system compared to the PS5.

In the past, the idea especially for PS4 was to look at the maximum load of the CPU and GPU and design the cooling mechanism assuming the maximum load. However, it is really rare that both the CPU and GPU are at maximum load at the same time. Even if I had a cooling mechanism that assumed the maximum load, I couldn’t make use of it.

This time, the frequency is variable on the CPU/GPU. In other words, when the CPU is resting, the GPU is turned by that amount, and when the GPU is resting, the CPU is turned. The basis of the design concept is to keep rotating at maximum load.

PS5 heads to retail stores tomorrow, 12 November.

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