Sony teasing PS5 launch event


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Aug 1, 2019
For those of us who have been waiting for more details on the Playstation 5 and when we will get a release as well finally will get more information! February 2020 Sony are doing an event to announce the launch date for Playstation 5 as well as more details! Are you looking forward to this event and finding out more about Playstation 5?

I think this December we are likely to see any such announcement. If not Dec. then maybe this may go to the march or so or other dates.
I know many gamers are pretty excited and waiting for the release and that means that it is not going to be as far as February next year. However, I am calm and hope for rue best gamers experience once it is released.
I think it's all about timing too. As in the months where people spend the money. If not december I guess it would be Feb. But based on what we see I guess christmas is their time.

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