Sonic the Hedgehog: Jeff Fowler insists that there are no official talks or plans for a sequel


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Dec 12, 2018
"There's so many more great characters to bring in and just more stories to tell," says director Jeff Fowler, who calls the "Sonic" saga a "remarkable journey." He insists that there are no official talks or plans for a sequel."

"But nothing would bring me more happiness than getting another shot with these characters and to tell more stories. We'd love to do more with the Sonic cinematic universe," he says."

"We would get that question a lot from fans, 'Is Tails in it? Is Knuckles in it?' All these fan-favorite characters," says Fowler. "We had to do that little fan Easter egg with Tails and say, 'We know you love these characters. We will absolutely get to them in future stories if we're able to."

"We had to get Sonic and Robotnik right and we build from there."

"We cracked the 'Sonic' code. Once you establish the template of Sonic, there's definitely an aesthetic then you can kind of apply to the other other characters, we had a guide to figuring out characters like Tails."


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