Sonic at the Olympic Games at Tokyo 2020 on May 7


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Dec 11, 2018
Developer / Publisher: Sega
Genre: Sports Minigame Compilation
Platforms: iOS / Android
Release Date: May 7th, 2020
Price: Free to Start ($9.99 for All Access Pass)

That impatient hedgehog is at it again - despite the Tokyo 2020 games being postponed until 2021, Sonic has decided he won’t be deterred by a pesky virus. With the Olympic stadiums empty and his old rival Mario practicing social distancing like a good little plumber, the blue blur is free to pack the stands with Chao and Animal Friends while he and his furry pals go for the gold unopposed.

The game is free to start, with 10 stages initially available and the rest of the game (200 stages total at launch with an estimated 10-20 hours of playtime) unlockable with a one-time purchase of an All Access Pass. Players who buy the game will get a Premium Pass that they can send to a friend who has not yet purchased the game, which will allow said friend to access more stages for free and give them discounted prices should they choose to buy the full game.


In the game's Story Mode, Sonic and friends must once again put an end to Dr. Eggman's evil plans by trouncing him and his entourage of boisterous baddies in a variety of Olympic events, all while seeing the sights of Tokyo and learning a few fun facts along the way. 15 events are available in total:

Sport Climbing
400m Hurdles
Hammer Throw
Shooting - Trap
Diving - 3m Springboard
Long Jump
Table Tennis
Javelin Throw

There are EX Events and boss battles that add further modifiers into the mix, collectibles to obtain, and mini games like a trivia quiz and card matching when you need a break from all the competition. Along with global leaderboards, there's also asynchronous multiplayer through a Challenge feature that lets you record your best times to send challenges to (and receive challenges from) other players to earn rewards.


One of the most interesting aspects of this game is shaping up to be the music - unlike the past few Mario & Sonic games that were extremely light on the incredible remixes the series came to be known for, numerous remixes have been heard in the trailers for this game, including Beyond the Speed Of from Sonic Runners, Eggman’s Theme from Sonic Adventure, and Aquarium Park from Sonic Colors. According to the game's director Yuka Kobayashi, there are many arrangements of series music from across the years that core fans will appreciate!
They are going to have to patch this game so it says 2021 instead :p but the content looks fun.
Looks like something new to try out on Android. Considering the 2020 olympics are going to be delayed. I guess this game would filll in the voice left by not able to have the event in real life.

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