So, about Resident Evil Village...

Tommy Walls

Jun 15, 2019
Well, I think it looks like a good enough horror game. Yes, it looks creepy. Unfortunately, my praise ends there.

I happened to see this video the other day...

I have no idea how anyone online or otherwise, can say this is actually a real RE game when all Capcom really does these days is show off the Umbrella logo and add in Chris as a tired old veteran, so people *THINK* this is even remotely a RE game. The plot was always rather disjointed throughout the franchise, with Capcom just cranking out nonsense to regularly revive the series during a bad spell. However, the story has gone bye-bye. :p

Now, I know that Capcom is wanting people to keep an open mind. But they have screwed up this franchise. Now you are supposedly going up against pseudo vampires, and werewolves, and encountering a transforming witch, who is perhaps the so-called "Mother Miranda" in disguise, and a puppet creature that resides inside a European castle. Sorry, but RE was supposed to be about Umbrella being behind the various bioweapons, viruses, and so on and so forth. But just look at what Capcom is doing nowadays with these cash grab entries. And people called Code: Veronica weird. :ROFLMAO:

Consider me a low key fan from now on, guys. This is just too silly to comprehend any more, even for a series that has often indeed been quite silly in general. And I'll bet they are having a blast over on GameFAQs, celebrating this atrocious latest sequel in this long suffering, survival horror saga.

My opinions. Of course! (y)