Silent Hills may get released through Sony, report suggests


Silent Hills may actually get released due to an alleged partnership between Konami and Sony, a new report suggests.

Rely on Horror reports that SIE Japan Studio is planning on a “soft reboot” of the Silent Hill franchise along with Konami, planned for an exclusive release on PS5. Furthermore, Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions studio also have the go-ahead to continue work on Silent Hills, a game Kojima was developing while still at Konami.

A person via a now-deleted 4chan post claimed to be an Konami employee and suggesting that Sony is in the process of obtaining the Castlevania, Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid IPs from Konami directly.

Kojima Productions recently teased what many believe to be Silent Hills. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.
Sources that collaborated towards this rumour piece suggest that the new titles may well be scheduled for release on Sony’s next-gen VR. I'm not even sure how I feel about that one. I've not been a big VR user myself but worth a shot since I am keen to play it on the next-gen console.
If Konami did do a soft reboot, I don't think anybody would really notice, because every game had a different character and story anyway. Only Silent Hill 3 was the clear sequel to the first game. The others had some references to past events or upcoming villains (Silent Hill 2 had a news article on Walter's murder spree), but they none of the other entries were a direct continuation of the prior game before it, so what difference does it make calling it a "soft reboot" in any case?

Either way, I hope it's not a full-on remake, which seems to be doing the rounds with so many franchises. There's no need to tamper with greatness. Plus, the first game was already redone with Shattered Memories, which didn't even have the usual gameplay style.
But what's confusing, is that the reboot is allegedly just called Silent Hill, while the revival title is said to be Silent Hills. :ROFLMAO:

And our brains are fogging up at the thought of that.
I like to look up videos like this on YouTube.

I cannot make good rant videos to save myself. I'm not good at editing, or talking out loud. Maybe I'll give it a bash later on. ;)
I do think Sony is a great choice for a company that could potentially get around to buying the rights to the series, but it would be great if Konami kind of retained the rights so we can get different additions from non Sony personnel too. Like, I know Capcom sort of does that now too, except their outsourced spin off games are just rank and not deserving of the Resident Evil name being slapped on them. To me, it was as if Capcom didn't care and they agreed to it, just to make a quick dollar. So I wouldn't want to see Konami falling into the same trap, and then they could end up doing all these cash grab kind of games with no TLC being put into how they turn out. You know? They were already starting to go that route back in 2012.
Well, if a third movie is in development, I don't know if you can count that as another hint that the series is coming back. Why would they revive the movies and not the games? So I think this is no coincidence. :unsure:
a third m- wait there was a second movie?
Yeah, Revelations. I went to see it in 3D when it was was on at the cinema. But, a couple of weeks ago, I purchased both, 1st and 2nd on Amazon for £5.99 each and rewatched them. Great film and brilliant franchise.
I only ever watched the first one. I'm kind of curious about Revelations now haha.
Yeah the first movie was a crazy ride. Seeing Pyramid head was pretty damn cool.
Yeah, he’s a pretty cool concept. I remember actually being scared of watching him at the time. Be good to see more of him.
This may be a bit of a stretch, but I wonder if Konami deliberately "starved" us fans of the series for a while, in order to sort of test our loyalty towards them. The fact that rumours start spreading and nearly everyone gets excited, well...that speaks volumes about them overall. Konami will start to think that people suddenly forgive them for what they did to Hideo Kojima all those years ago, and other personnel who actually established the franchise to begin with. But if Konami have seen the error of their ways, I'll be on board for whatever they work on next. This talk of two new games,'s a bit 'out there' to me. I'd really like to believe it, but it's like, where the hell does this hearsay originate from?

I actually pre-ordered the physical release of Resident Evil 3, and it's kind of the same thing with Capcom, only worse. Nobody hates on Capcom if they do a bad game. They may take a few jabs here and there, but I wouldn't say they're heavily criticised for what they do. And I think these remakes and generic shooter, side story games are the meat and potatoes of the franchise now. I'm not convinced they're trying to deliver to us, the "ultimate survival horror experience" with these games, as they're just soulless shooting games. Not that I hate Resident Evil 4 style games if they're done right, but with how they are now, you'll hardly remember them in a few years down the line. The Evil Within and The Last of Us did it right, and I find myself wanting to go back to those every now and then, as they're actually decent. But with Capcom, they remove most of the core elements for what essentially ends up being a ridiculous premise, that has shades of horror to be seen here and there, but at the surface, it's just a run and gun, shoot and loot title, that you think is a horror game. When it's anything but that.

I find the whole thing with you having to tame chickens, smash boxes and slash bobble figures, and do stuff like that, to be rather gimmicky. In the old games, you hardly ever got items from killing enemies. Killing Brad Vickers below the precinct got you a key for to obtain costumes, yeah. But other than say, Mr. X and Nemesis, that wasn't the case with many of the regular creatures. Even in the Silent Hill games, enemies don't really drop bullets, because then that'd be kind of lame. Maybe if you kill certain enemies, you get a key item as a reward. But most of the time, you just pick up ammo on desks, or look in lockers, raid secret areas, and do all of that type of exploring. This is what I love about retro horror games.

That's pretty much what I meant, though. The newer Resident Evil games are basically now just action shooters, with some meat remaining on the bone. But they're not really survival horror games as such. In fact, even the fan service is bad, because if Project Resistance does just fine and dandy, Capcom will incorporate that kind of trash into future entries. That's just stupid.

Are they really on the right track, though? They already cut out a lot of the classic elements, tons of standard enemies like the crows and giant spiders, and so on and so forth, yet some fanboys online expect people not to take notice of any of that commotion. Hopefully, Konami has learned that copying Capcom with this action oriented gag, is a bad idea. I've even seen videos where people talk about Silent Hill, and they suggest Konami removes the nurses for example. And it's like, why? This is familiar ground to practically any fan of this series. If you remove this, this and this, it's not really staying faithful to the origins of that particular saga. You know? And while some fans may complain, I'd be fine with them not bringing back Pyramid Head, however. He served his role well in 2 to torment James Sunderland, but they started to use him as a novelty villain in subsequent instalments, and it got so dumb in the end.

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