SIE Japan Studio Sets Up External Development Department, Introduces Organizational Changes


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Dec 11, 2018
In accordance with the start of a new fiscal year, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio has set up an External Development Department. Additionally, quite a few organizational changes have been implemented, each of which begin today, April 1st.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia announced the news in a notification posting on its website, which Gematsu translated. In addition to the establishment of an External Development Department, the Product Development Department has undergone a name change. From here on, it will be known as the Internal Development Department. The Studio Operations Department has also been renamed to the Finance & Administration Department. SIE Japan shortened Creative Product Services Department to Creative Services Department. Finally, Product Technology and Business Development departments have been terminated as of today.

A couple of personnel changes take effect today, as well. For one, SIE appointed Kazuo Kato as Head of the following departments: Internal Development, External Development, and Creative Services. Naoaki Aoi has been appointed to the Finance & Administration Department. As of writing, it remains to be seen how each of these changes will influence the status quo at SIE Japan Studio overall.

Such news comes on the heels of a massive shift with PlayStation’s Europe division. Last week, Michael Denny’s departure from Sony was announced. Denny had long served as Vice President of SIE Worldwide Studios Europe. He now heads operations at the LEGO developer, TT Games.

Other relatively recent changes to SIE include Shawn Layden’s unceremonious exit from his position as Sony Worldwide Studios Chairman. This was followed by Guerrilla Games’ Herman Hulst assuming the role of Head of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios and Shuhei Yoshida’s leading Sony’s new indie initiative. Interestingly, SIE Japan Studio recently underwent a leadership shift of its own, with Astro Bot Rescue Mission Director, Nicolas Doucet, now serving as Studio Director.


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