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Should you turn off your computer after use?


Should you leave your Computer running most of the time? Do you think it's better to shutdown a PC after use? Are there any scenarios that it would be okay to leave a computer running? Generally, I try to always shut down my Laptop when my gaming session has ended for two main reasons. My electricity bill won't be as high and overheating of components will be prevented


I do turn off computer after every few hours or so. The reaosn being I find it pretty good to turn off the computer considering not doing so. It reduces the resources being used in the background. Some people keep the machine on for weeks.


Better turn it off. Coz if it keeps running memory and other resources are consumed also if in case it gets into hibernation then when it get back on it fetches from the disk and multiple hibernation would make thing slower. I would highly recommend you turn it off to get the best performance every time.

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