Should Resident Evil "die" tomorrow...

I know it probably won't be going anywhere any day soon, because Capcom loves to milk it and whore out garbage, but as of now, I'm seeking another franchise to play. It doesn't have to be horror, although that's my favourite genre. Because I don't know. I've just lost interest, as I've gotten to the stage of almost losing hope in Capcom altogether, and so many other fans have gotten tired of the mistreatment of the series as a whole. And I know Capcom will say whatever it takes to lure people back to it. But I'm not fallen for this anymore.

What about Uncharted? Is that a good series? Or Gears of Wars?

Right now, Resident Evil to me feels like it's on life support. I'd really like the franchise to live on. Don't get me wrong. I've been with it for so long, and therefore I want the best for it, but Capcom just isn't providing that level of greatness anymore. I'm quite honestly, sick of giving them chances, hoping something will change. It's 2020 and games from like 1999, and 2002 are better quality, which is somewhat sad, giving how dated they are. That was like, three generations of consoles ago. Even Resident Evil 8: Village, I think it's gonna feel like another self-contained game with maybe a few references to older games, and Chris "Shemp" Redfield better receive a redesign that makes sense. But still. If it has a story that is its own thing again, they're just stalling time.

Putting in notes about Raccoon City in 7: Biohazard so it feels like there's a link to the lore, is just so cheap in my eyes. That doesn't make it a really big sequel, as such. But I also don't really care much for first person shooters, and it seems like outside of remakes, this may be the norm for Capcom going forward with things. So I don't know. Maybe I have to bite my tongue, and finally say... FUCK IT. Of course, the game hasn't been announced yet, so maybe I'll be surprised once a trailer drops or something. But so many of these trailers avoid showing off gameplay. Resident Evil 4 on the other hand, is supposedly receiving a pointless remake. I'd like for the company to actually do something positive that moves things forward, and well, they need to get off the nostalgia train.

Lord Saru

I can pretty relate to the issues. Resident Evil 2.0 was a well made game with more zombies, doing more damage but less slowly and the game was a maze rather than a linear walkathon.

But now, its more like a series desperately hunting for a good character and plot to lean on and shed its own identity crisis issues. I think the remake of 3.0 is going to be a bridge to what they have in store for 4.0.

God bless them.
What does werewolves and witches have to do with the RE series anyway? I mean, the series didn't start off with this fantasy nonsense. This is why I think Dusk Golem said that it will piss some people off. However, I guess combining a virus with a wolf is still a possibility. But still. From what I heard, Ethan Winters may become Ash Williams. Like, holy cow. What movie do you want to copy next, Capcom?


I think they need to come up with something new. Like say tangent stories and something that has not been done in the RE as of yet. Trying to push current franchise each year on new kids who get into the gaming, wont sustain much. It didnt work well for final fantasy either. So RE need to innovate and make chagnes.
After seeing how they screwed up RE2 and 3, and took out all the lore stuff, I'm not interested in any more remakes from these hacks. AT ALL!

But today, I saw this.

I cannot say I care much for the series any more, due to how they have mismanaged it now for over a decade. They need to take things FORWARD, and stop rehashing old games. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Dino Crisis gets a shitty remake that will probably be overly hyped up as well.

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