Should more games introduce a penalty for leaving early?

Martin Berisford

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Mar 29, 2019
After APEX accidentally introduced a software update that penalised users for leaving the game early (before quickly getting rid!) I was thinking how great a feature like this would actually be on other multiplayer games like COD and PUBG where people just seem to join and leave midway through leaving the rest of the team in a bit of a fix. What do you think? Is it right to punish people who leave games early?

Apex Legends Could Soon Punish Players for Quitting Early - in case you want to read. :)
I don't think any game should have a penalty to leave early. Because it shouldn't have the consequence in my opinion for a user that wanted to leave. I know Smash Bros actually bans you for 30 minutes for too many disconnects, purposely or not purposely. In my opinion that's not the way to go because the majority of players won't get. It's going to be rare that someone quits and if they do it's usually for a reason, not always. Nonetheless banning someone for quitting is unfortunately stupid in my own personal opinion. Some will disagree, that's just how I feel about it.
In games like Mario Kart when you get a disconnect AI takes control of your character for the rest of the match. My friends used not to noticed my absence until the race was over. I honestly wish this was an approach game where teamwork is important did, if only so the handicap gap wasn't as big.

Nintendo servers are not very good right now and even with ethernet adaptors and a decent connection, you are not safe from disconnection errors. To, on top of that, punish your user base by not letting them access at all is pretty bad.

A gray area would be the shadow banning, some game companies have a dedicated server for people that tend to be unethical in their playing and have been reported many times, including for mid-disconnecting. So rather than banning them they just lump them together. It is an interesting alternative, but it is still a bad time if the people with disconnections are not being malicious on purpose.
I think adding such type of the penalty would only make things harder. And even worst part would be chances of people leaving the game. That is what I have noticed so far. Because often times people don't want to invest into such type of the gaming approach.
As long as it can tell between a force quit and a quit due to technical issues, then I say yes. Rage quit is a bad habit and bad sportsmanship.
I think for battle royale type of the games, you can keep them away from 1 more game round. And for 30 min they can't login something like that.
Penalty for quitting has it upsides and downsides. As an example - in CS:GO if you quit the match you will receive a penalty (from 30 mins to 7 days) because your team will have to play with a BOT on your place. But there you can also get a penalty if you get kicked too much times which happens a lot if you are playing solo and also if your connection drops or the power goes out you will still receive a penalty. So yeah, not perfect.
Yes, please. It's extremely annoying for games where you have to squad up with random people and then get put at a disadvantage because the other teams still have all their players.
They have the same feature on Rocket League. If you leave a match, you are banned for a certain amount of time before you could jump back in. For me this seems to be effective as I like to continuously play one match after the other without having to wait. I usually either vote to forefiet, providing the other team mates do too or just ride it out till the match ends. But sometimes if you got to go, you got to go.
As long as the system can tell [...] between a violence quit and a glitch, then I say yes.
I think this is the biggest challenge. If games could recognize all these scenarios then it would be great, so people don't get tainted their profile for things out of their control and people abusing by manually quitting matches when things are not convenient can also get a proper punishment or proper shadow ban to share the field with the rest of the exploiters and poor sports and let people trying to enjoy a good game in peace.

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