Shadow Gaming - A cloud gaming service


Feb 1, 2019
Anyone one else tried the shadow cloud pc thing yet? i've had it for about a month after i fried my gaming pc and didn't have the money to build another one at the drop of a hat so I thought I would give it a try just as a stop gap mainly so I could carry on playing a couple of multiplayer games like lol that I play with groups and if it could handle that I would have been happy. But oh man is insane when you run like brand new games at high-ultra settings on a beat up old laptop.

It does mean you need an internet connection in excess of at least 20mbs both ways (upload and download) to get the most out of it.
I've got a referral code for it but I'm not too sure if I can just post that openly without falling foul of the forum rules so if you want it dm me on here it knocks a fiver of the first month and if you sign up for 3 months you'll get a free copy of the new far cry DLC standalone

Any questions about it let me know I'll do my best to answer them